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Angels and Thunder

About Angels and Thunder in the Quran

Short Answer:The Quran is a book of divine guidance to those who seek to live a good and meaningful life here on earth. God mentions angels and thunder in the Quran. Science does not speak of angels, but only of the effects produced by the angels in scientific terms. That does not rule out the …

What Do Muslims Believe About Angels?

What Do Muslims Believe About Angels?

Angels belong to a level of existence beyond the perceptible world of phenomena, called `alam al-ghayb. As God’s creatures living within the physical world of mundane reality, we humans cannot overstep its confines; nor can we visualize beings that exist outside of it.

Angel Gabriel

Angel Gabriel: Between Christianity and Islam

Short Answer: Muslims believe that Gabriel is an angel God created, not the third person in a Trinity. He once appeared in human form in front of a group of Muslims, and asked Prophet Muhammad a number of questions about Islam. ______________________________________ Salam(Peace) Dear Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About …

Do Angels Question God?

Do Angels Question God?

Salam Dear Nathaniel, Thank you for this question that opens the door to clear some of the most important points in Muslims’ faith and practice. The hadith you referred to is actually not a hadith; it is only a tradition reported from various scholars, but in no way ascribed to the Prophet (peace be upon …

Are Humans Superior to Angels

Are Humans Superior to Angels?

Salam Dear Ahmad, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. I hope that your friend has no difficulty in understanding the fact about the differences existing between different orders of God’s creatures. Sometimes the differences might pertain to ‘superiority’ or ‘inferiority’ depending on the way we look at them. One may …

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