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6 Lessons to Learn From the Conversations of the Hereafter

6 Lessons to Learn From the Conversations of the Hereafter

When you read the dialogues of people of Jannah and people of Hell, you can learn from their mistakes now by listening to their words! When the people of Jannah ask the people of Hell, why did you enter the fire? The first thing they will say is, we didn’t pray. Do you see the importance of prayer?

Bad Intentions

Are Bad Intentions a Sin Worthy of Hell?

Short Answer:God only holds us to account for our good intentions. If we follow through with them and act upon them, we may be rewarded up to hundreds or thousands of times over. Out of His Infinite Mercy, He magnifies the impact of good deeds, and minimizes the impact of evil deeds. _____________________________________ Salam Dear …


Belief in the Hereafter: Any Benefits?

Short Answer:This belief is the greatest motivation for humans to do good in this world. When we know that we cannot escape the natural consequences of our actions, and we have to necessarily face our God on the Judgment Day and answer for all our actions, we are bound to strive our utmost to lead …

eternal hell

Eternal Hell: Who, What, and Why?

Short Answer:Eternal hell is reserved for people who have committed the only unforgiveable sin:shirk, or worshiping anyone or anything instead of or alongside God Himself. But other believers who have not repented of their major sins may spend a duration in Hell to purify themselves of their sins before being admitted into Paradise. And Allah …

safe hellfire

Why Follow The Rules If Muslims Are Safe From Hellfire?

Salaam alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam. I feel that you brought up several great questions. When we look at the Islamic textual sources, it is clear that we must be Muslims of good belief and character for several reasons. What does the Quran say? The Quran suggests that some “people will prefer blindness …

9 Astonishing Facts in the Quran that will Surprise You - About Islam

9 Astonishing Facts in the Quran that will Surprise You

Just like the Quran contains knowledge about the natural world, it also contains information about the inner dimensions of our souls. It relates to our feelings, wants and needs. The Quran informs us that we have a purpose in life, and that following God’s guidance will lead us to inner peace

Why Would God Create Us to Go To Hell? - About Islam

Why Would God Create Us to Go To Hell?

Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Dr. Shabir Ally addresses this question in the video below: Transcript: Aisha Khaja:Dr Shabir, the question that we have today is why would God create humans if He knew which ones are going to hell and heaven? Dr. Shabir Ally:Well, the question naturally comes …

A Black Hole: Is This Hellfire? - About Islam

A Black Hole: Is This Hellfire?

What is the black hole? Some people say that it is Hellfire and that the fire inside it has been burning for billions of years.

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