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Were All Prophets Arab? Arabic the "Language of Heaven?"

Short Answer:No, not all Prophets were from among the Arabs, and no, Arabic is not the “language of Heaven.” It’s easy to assume such considering how many prophets in recorded historywere Arab, but God says he sent all people a warner from among their own people before Prophet Muhammad, who was the final prophet for …


Getting to Heaven: Who Is Eligible?

Short Answer:The idea of Heaven in Islam and who is going to dwell in it has fallen between two extremes. One is similar to Christianity which says that as long as you have belief in God in your heart, then you are destined to enter Paradise. The second extreme is that whatever you do in …

The Wonders Prophet Muhammad Saw in Heavens

The Wonders Prophet Muhammad Saw in Heavens

The magnitude of this is unimaginable. Our earth, and what we call the universe, is contained within the first heaven. Even with the scientific knowledge of the 21st. century, we have no idea how big this is, how far the universe extends, or what wonders it contains. Prophet Muhammad travelled…

Are Black People Going to Hell According to Islam

Are Black People Going to Hell According to Islam?

Short Answer:Many Arabs are dark complexion themselves such as the people of Sudan. Several of the Prophet’s companions had dark skin as well and one of the most beloved to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) wasBilal ibn Rabah(may Allah be pleased with him) who used to call theAdhan(ritual prayer call) and the …


What is the Description of Paradise?

Short Answer: What is available in Paradise is beyond our imagination. The hadith states that there will be what has not crossed the “heart” of humans. The most important in Paradise ever will be encountering God. _________________________________________ As-salamu Alaykum Chevalnoir, Thank you for your question. Paradise For the Believers and the Righteous The Quran and …

Surat Sad - Powerful Quran Chapter

Surat Sad - Powerful Quran Chapter

Here is Surat Sad, the 38th Surah of the Quran. It is a powerful Quran chapter where we are reminded of the splendours of heaven and the terrifying Hell.

road Heaven

What's the Road to Heaven According to Islam?

Short Answer: Faith and good deedsabout sums up the answer to your question in a nutshell! God sent us prophets to guide us to the right path, to increase our faith and show us how to live it out. We all have a free will but will have to answer to God someday for the …

Eternal Life

Wouldn't an Eternal Life in Heaven Be Boring?

SalamDear Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Muslims believe that Allah created everything that is in the heavens and the earth. These things didn’t come into existence by any other means except through His Will. Why He chose to create things is for Him alone to know. He certainly …

Faith Enough

Is Faith Enough to Be Saved in Islam?

Short Answer: Islamteaches not only that God is just, but that all humans should uphold justice, strive for justice, and do their utmost in order to establish justice in the world. It is only justice that the one who does good must get his reward; and the one who doesevil should get the punishment.Otherwise, why …

Why Create Man, When He Can Do Such Evil On Earth? - About Islam

Why Create Man, When He Can Do Such Evil On Earth?

Dr. Jeffrey Lang contemplates why Allah decided to create man, though He knew that man would be doing all such evil on Earth, whereas He could simply put angels on earth glorifying and praising His name, just as they do in Heaven.

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