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The Prophet’s Mission and Structure

The prophetic educational methodology was sent down by God, for both moral and intellectual instruction, whose profitability depends on the individual. Just as land varies in its fertility and capability to absorb and benefit from rain, so does mankind in its capability to accept and benefit from this Revealed Knowledge.

Dealing With Grief as a Muslim

God has blessed us with the ability to make du’a, speak to God, your Creator and tell him your worries, your pain, tell Him you’re upset and insha’Allah He will make this trial easy for you. Du’a has the power to change our conditional qadar (pre-destination), it is so powerful and will get you through some of your darkest hours.

The Screenshot Syndrome!

Purification of the heart and attaining precious jewels like taqwa require discipline and training. These are not matters we simply read about or acquire suddenly.

How to Empty the Heart from Loving This World?

When your forehead touches the ground in prayer, just take time, let your forehead stay there a bit longer than normal and say to Allah: “O Allah, help me to be a better person, help me to be a better Muslim” and surely He will reply.

Discover Yourself

The happiest and most fortunate people are those who are always intoxicated with ardent desire for the worlds beyond. Those who confine themselves within the narrow and suffocating limits of their bodily existence are really in prison, even though they may be living in palaces.

What Would Muhammad Do?

What can we learn from the Prophet’s character and how can we implement these learnings in our lives today? Can we always be truthful like him who was known as As-Sadik or the truthful one? Can we be kind in the face of adversity as he was? And can such kindness help us deal with Islamophobia?

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