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Having kids

Irritated and Jealous of Parents Having Kids

In this counseling answer: •Kindly suggest that whenever you have bad thoughts about others or feel like saying something negative, imagine a big red stop sign. •Count to 10, do some dhkir and regather your thoughts. Then say something nice. Even if you still feel irritable or jealous, say something nice. Insha’Allah if you do …

In-vitro Fertilization to Have a Baby?

In this counseling answer: •The parents have to be very careful with the boy not to promise something that is not in their control. •He should be told that he should join his parents in making du`aa’ to Allah to give them a baby. •The child should be told that sometimes, Allah, Who knows best, may not …

Don't Feel Stable Enough to Start a Family

Don't Feel Stable Enough to Start a Family

In this counseling answer: “It may be that you chose to wait a little longer and, therefore, will feel more comfortable to have a child knowing that your studies are complete and you have sufficient funds to raise a child. Being pregnant and giving birth whilst feeling this level of contentment will make the process a …

Struggling to Have a Baby? Read

Struggling to Have a Baby? Read This

That time of month comes again and with it, brings disappointment and a deep sorrow. I’ve experienced this for five years before my daughter was born. Many women struggling to have a baby will understand immediately what I mean. It took me five years to have my daughter. With it came heartache, grief, frustration, a …

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