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Allah Test

Why Does Allah Test Those He Loves Most?

Short Answer: Yes, God does test those people whom He loves most. Prophets, those nearest to God, always had very difficult lives. But don’t look at everything which is painful or difficult as a test, and don’t look at happy, easy things in life as a blessing. Allah may test you with ease as much as …

easy life

Shouldn't Muslims Have An Easy Life?

Short Answer: Allah intends ease for us, not hardship. But the life of this world was never intended to be an existence of incessant ease and comfort. It is only a transition. Our perception of ease and hardship is not the same as that of Allah. This perception varies greatly across mankind i.e. our personal definition …

sudden death

How to Cope with Husband's Sudden Death?

Salam Dear Nazia, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. Indeed, your loss must be devastating and it is understandable how and why you might have the feelings that you do. Ironically perhaps, Allah indeed does love those whom He …

How Can I Give My Kids A Blessed Life?

Peace be upon you dear reader, Thank you so much for sending in your question. We ask Allah to relieve your suffering and ease your affairs and grant you the best rewards in this life and the eternal hereafter.  We encourage you to read this answer for more context regarding the first part of your …

How Can You Live The Night Journey of the Prophet

How can Muslims today benefit from the lessons of the Night Journey? What can inspire Muslims who are facing hardships around the world in the Prophet’s journey? History is really important. If we don’t know our history, it becomes someone else narrative. What are some of the intersections between history and our lives? And what …

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