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My Parents Are Fighting All the Time, What Should I Do?

In this counseling answer: •Never give up for du’a, and give yourself some space to think of something other than your parents. •Do something that enjoys, and consider asking your local imam about the situation so that he could support you and mutually intervene in supporting his parents through their difficulties. As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh …


I Need Tips for Preparing My Kids for Ramadan

In this counseling answer: •An alternative option might be to allow them to fast on any day they want to, including if they have an exam or sports, but instead tell them that if they feel that they can’t complete their fast, then it is okay in their situation to breakfast. •As they get older, …


My Daughter Was Hanging Out with a Boy, I'm Shocked!

In this counseling answer: •Make sure that you only approach her to talk about it when you are in a calm place mentally. •Instead of punishing her for what she has done, instead, you can work on what lessons she has learned and how she can behave differently in the future to avoid such embarrassing …


Daughter Hanging Out with Non Muslim Cousins

In this counseling Answer: •Let her know your concerns for her own well-being and faith, and also about yours too and how you fear Allah’s judgment of you also for the times when she engages in behaviour that is Islamically inappropriate. •You could instead sign up to some kind of Islamic classes together, either locally or online …


My 3-Year-old Daughter Gets So Angry!

In this counseling answer: •In her angry moments, begin by coming down to her level and gently asking her what the problem is and see if you can come up with a resolution. •If she does not respond to this then try to avoid giving her attention, preferring to ignore it where possible. This way, …

I Have Lost Interest at Work

I Have Lost Interest at Work

In this counseling answer: • In order to remain focused on a task, the first thing you can do is to literally remove the things that distract you. • Always ensure to take your break away from your workspace. • Think about why you do the job that you do. • Try a different routine …


My Son Misses His Mother After Divorce, What to Do?

In this counseling answer: •You are doing the right thing by reassuring him that it’s ok for him to miss his mum. •You should ensure that any potentially difficult conversations that you might have with his mother are not conducted in his presence. •You could allow him to make a quick call to his mum …

Son Gets Angry Easily, How to Control His Anger?

Son Gets Angry Easily, How to Control His Anger?

In this counseling answer: •When he gets angry, return your gesture calmly towards him and come down to his level so that he comes to see this as the way he should be behaving too. If he hears you talking in a calm voice, he is more likely to lower his tone and respond more …

explain death

How to Explain Grandfather's Death to My Child ?

In this counseling answer: •Educate her on Allah as the creator and how we all have to go back to him and some point, and now it is time for her grandfather and you can pray together that he will go to Jannah and all the nice things he will see there. •Allow her to …

Dad with anger issues

How to Deal With Angry Father?

In this counseling answer: •Try showing him compassion and love, even if it is difficult. •Encourage him to do something fun, it will give him the chance to take a break away from the stress he is facing and do something more fun •You might even get in touch with someone he knows from the …

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