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My Parents Argue All the Time Please Help!

My Parents Argue All the Time, Please Help!

In this counseling answer: •When your parents argue; you could try and organize to all go out somewhere together as a family and enjoy each others company. •It’ll be a chance for everyone to get out and do something positive together and break the chain of negativity •Pamper them individually, take them out somewhere that …

Son Gets Angry Easily, How to Control His Anger?

Son Gets Angry Easily, How to Control His Anger?

In this counseling answer: •When he gets angry, return your gesture calmly towards him and come down to his level so that he comes to see this as the way he should be behaving too. If he hears you talking in a calm voice, he is more likely to lower his tone and respond more …

Grandfather's Death

How to Explain Grandfather's Death to My Child ?

In this counseling answer: •Educate her on Allah as the creator and how we all have to go back to him and some point, and now it is time for her grandfather and you can pray together that he will go to Jannah and all the nice things he will see there. •Allow her to …

How to Deal With Angry Father? - About Islam

How to Deal With Angry Father?

In this counseling answer: •Try showing him compassion and love, even if it is difficult. •Encourage him to do something fun, it will give him the chance to take a break away from the stress he is facing and do something more fun •You might even get in touch with someone he knows from the …

adopt a child

I'm Afraid of Marriage and Pregnancy Pains, Can I Adopt A Child?

In this counseling answer: •I would urge you to try and think beyond the experiences of your colleagues and remember that there are many positives in marriage also. •The best way to remember the positives in marriage is to go back to the Qur’an andSunnahand remember. Allah describes marriage as the most beautiful thing in …


My Daughter Is Smoking Like her Father!

In this counseling answer: •Smoking is an addictive habit, so if it is that she is already addicted, then you might support her in giving up, either by directly helping her to try methods to quit such as nicotine patches or gum, or to engage in other, more productive activities that can provide the same …


My Daughter Is Crazy About Diet

In this counseling answer: •Let her know that you care about her and that is why you are concerned about her eating habits. This way she will feel less like you are nagging her and more like you are simply concerned for her health. She will be more likely to listen and make changes if …

My Son Wants To Leave Home, Help! - About Islam

My Son Wants To Leave Home, Help!

In this counseling answer: •Pick a time when you are both in a good mental space and be sure that you are not going to get angry or let your emotions get the better of you. Pick a time when you can both be alone together with no distractions. Tell him your concerns. •Let him …

Parent's Wishes, Marry against Parent's wishes

Daughter Wants to Marry Against Parents' Wishes

In this counseling answer: •It might seem easier just to give in and allow her to marry him, saving her from the pain she has been going through. •Remember that the pain of facing depression for a while in this life by forgetting him will be considerably smaller than what she could potentially face if …

I Have Lost Interest at Work

I Have Lost Interest at Work

In this counseling answer: • In order to remain focused on a task, the first thing you can do is to literally remove the things that distract you. • Always ensure to take your break away from your workspace. • Think about why you do the job that you do. • Try a different routine …

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