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European Muslims Boost Halal Holiday Bookings

Throughout history, the Mediterranean has always stood as a magnet for picturesque-deprived tourists across the globe, drawn to its long sandy beaches, pretty coves, ancient sites, and turquoise coasts. Recently, many European Muslim tourists are giving halal, Islamic tourism a huge boost, The Guardian reported on March 10. According to The Guardian, an increasing number …

Getting Married? Here's Top 5 Muslim Honeymoon Destinations

Getting Married? Here Are Top 5 Muslim Honeymoon Destinations

As newly-weds, choosing a place to celebrate the start of your new life together can be both exciting and overwhelming. As Muslims we have a variety of travel needs, and Alhamdulillah, there are plenty of Muslim-friendly vacation spots to choose from. It was tough narrowing the possibilities down, but remember it’s not where you go to …

Thailand Certifies Its First Fully Halal Hotel

BANGKOK – Thailand has certified its “first fully halal hotel” to attract more Muslim tourists and boost its share of the halal tourism pie. “Halal refers to the entire production process, including storage and the utensils and equipment used. A high standard in hygiene is essential,” the restaurant’s food and beverage manager, Saksit Sarovat, told …

New Zealand Launches New Halal Food Guide

NEW ZEALAND – In its effort to accommodate Muslim tourists, New Zealand tourism authority has released a new version of its Halal Food Guide, following the one released two years ago. “We would like to assure that halal-certified food is easily accessible to Muslim travelers in New Zealand,” said Steven Dixon, Tourism New Zealand regional …

Taiwan Goes Halal to Attract Muslim Tourists

TAIPEI – Halal dishes and hotels with prayer signs in worshipping rooms are becoming a new trend in East Asia. including in Taiwan, amid hopes to attract more Muslim tourists after the recent decline of Chinese visitors. “We hope to be able to serve tourists, exchange students, or Muslims living in Taiwan. As Taiwanese we …

New Homestay Platform Accommodates Muslim Travelers

At a time of rising anti-Muslim sentiments, a faith-based homestay platform for Muslim travelers has attracted more than 3000 subscribers in the first month, offering an alternative to Airbnb where they often face discrimination.

New Zealand Launches Halal Guide

Seeking a larger share of Islamic tourism pie, New Zealand has launched the country’s first halal food guide to offer Muslim travelers a better opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of halal-certified cuisine.

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