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Hajj selfies

Hajj Selfies: A New Trend In Da’wah?

Selfies are another way by which we have the opportunity to know one another. One of my favorite things about this time of year (the Hajj season), is the vintage photographs that circulated among Hajjis doing their rites. Amongst the best are the unforgettable ones of the year Makkah was flooded and Hajjis were swimming …

How to Beat the Hajj Heat

How to Beat the Hajj Heat

Pilgrims will need to make every effort to ensure they do not suffer from heat related illnesses such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion or dehydration.

How Did Hajj Look Like in the Old Days (Watch)

Watch How Hajj Looked Like in the Old Days

Today’s hajj is very different from hajj in the past. Everything has vastly changed; from how the holy cities looked like to transportation facilities. These photos of hajj date back to 1953. Many may not have been born when these pictures were taken. Enjoy watching these interesting pictures and realize how lucky we are with …

pilgrims Journeys to Makkah

These Are the Strangest Journeys to Makkah for Hajj

With all the modern means of transportation that make today’s journeys to Makkah easier and quicker, several Muslims from across the world are still choosing to visit the holy city for Hahhor umrah walking, biking or cycling. During the past few Hajj seasons, there have been reports of people who went to Hajj on foot …

7 Tips for Young People to Have a Productive Hajj

7 Tips for Young People to Have a Productive Hajj

It’s easy for young people to take the trip of a lifetime for granted and not usetheirtimewisely while on Hajj.It is a physical, emotional, and deeply spiritual journey and it is important that we understand itsgreatness from a young age. It’s a grave mistake to think that if you make Hajj when you are young, …

packing for hajj

Your Guide to Packing for Hajj Journey

It’s Hajj season and many Muslims around the world are preparing to go to Hajj. In this infograph, we provide a checklist to make your packing for the spiritual journey an easy mission!

Why Make Hajj When You are Still Young?

Why Make Hajj When You Are Still Young?

Hajj is often seen as something for older people. Most young people don’t evenput the spiritual journey as part of their future goals. Here are some convincing reasons to think about making Hajj while you are young. Know Your Ummah While You are Young Nationalism, racism and bigotry are issues mankind will continue to face, …

Who Should Perform Hajj?

Who Should Perform Hajj?

Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam. As the new season of Hajj is approaching; the question rises about who are obliged to perform this great worship. Hajj is obligatory on male and female Muslims who meet the following conditions: 1. Muslim The acts of worship are accepted only from Muslims. If non-Muslims pray, fast, …

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