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Your Step-by-Step Hajj Guide

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Perfect Hajj (In-Depth)

Many pilgrims can afford the journey of Hajj only once in their whole life. So, learning how to observe it perfectly is of paramount importance. In fact,a significant worship like Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam, shouldreceive your full care regardless of the number of times you do it. Moreover, the rituals and rules of …

Newlyweds’ Guide to Marital Intimacy

Newlyweds’ Guide to Marital Intimacy

Physical Intimacy is a highly important part of marital life. Like any other relationship, it develops and deepens as time passes. This takes some people longer than others. Often the harder you work at intimacy, the more valuable and rewarding it is. The following are some steps that may help. 1- Take Your Time As …

Seeking The Guide

Seeking The Guide: Understanding Allah's Name Al-Hadi

God shows you that He is the Guide, Al-Hadi, and how life changes when the light of God is in it. Perhaps you started out something with a sense of purpose, but in your journey you were knocked off the path towards the greater goal. You need the Guide.

Salah - Your Guide to the Daily Prayers

Salah - Your Guide to the Daily Prayers

Salah is not only a prayer performed to glorify our Lord but a moral compass for all Muslims. It is a small amount of time taken out the day to reflect on our actions and think about the consequences. There are so many problems we face in our daily lives…

The New Muslim's Field Guide

The New Muslim’s Field Guide (Book Review)

One thing that resonates throughout the book is the need to maintain your own person. How being Muslim isn’t about being Arab, Indian, or any other ethnicity. They explain how Islam was sent for all of mankind and how many of us converts believe that when we embrace Islam, that we are embracing a different culture.

The Benefits of Non Muslims Visiting Mosques

The Benefits of Non Muslims Visiting Mosques

When a group of non-Muslim visitors come to a mosque, a guide will warmly, politely and intelligently welcome them, preferably – if possible – in their own language. He will then accurately and scientifically explain to them about the mosque and what it stands for…

The Guide - God's Special Attribute for Me - About Islam

The Guide - God's Special Attribute for Me

Have you ever traveled to another city and gotten lost while driving to a destination? The feelings of fear and anxiety soon overcome your senses as you try to navigate your way to safety. You might pull out a map and try to determine another route to guide you to where you want to go…

Between Anxiety and Allah (SWT) - About Islam

Between Anxiety and Allah (SWT)

It came to a point where I felt as if I could not take much more. I ask Allah (SWT) in desperation to show me what I needed to learn, how I needed to change. I needed to know what Allah was guiding me to or away from so that I could just feel better, stable…

Bread for My Soul - About Islam

Bread for My Soul

Life has a meaning and I can do a lot to fulfill this meaning. I remember sitting one day at my work feeling so absolutely and completely happy that when my colleagues had seen me, they would have known I had fallen in love.

The Laws of Guidance - About Islam

The Laws of Guidance

Without guidance, we are lost, continually searching for solace. It is God’s most precious gift. Knowing this fact and understanding the concepts of justice and forgiveness inherent in Islam enriches and completes us. Knowing that our purpose is to worship God liberates us.

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