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Greed is the Source of Corruption. - About Islam

Greed is the Source of Corruption.

In times wherefood is being wastedwhile many people in the world are starving, this reminder, is inviting us to ponder about a great sin in Islam:greed. “[…] Be happy and be hopeful of that which gives you delight. By Allah, it is not the poverty about which I fear in regard to you but I …

Defeating Greed; Six feet of Land

Defeating Greed... Just Six Feet of Land

In high school we studied a novel on defeating greed by Tolstoy called “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” According to the peasant Pahom “Our only trouble is that we haven’t land enough. If I had plenty of land, I shouldn’t fear the Devil himself”. Having overheard Pahom’s remarks, the novel continues, the devil …

Can Man Ever Be Rich?

Can Man Ever Be Rich?

There must be a way out for man to satisfy his cravings. But what is it? And what is actually meant by being rich, wanting more, wishing for immortality, etc.? Man is a dual being, consisting of a physical and spiritual dimension. The two are to be integrated in such a way that…

Are Muslims Superior to Non-Muslims?

Are Muslims Superior to Non-Muslims?

Being Muslim doesn’t make them superior to anyone. In fact, being Muslim makes them even more aware of how men and women are just passing through this world for a short time and that while they are here they live as brothers and sisters.

adam sinned first

Adam or Eve: Who Sinned First?

Salam Dear Rawa, Thank you very much for this question which reflects your deep research and great desire to know and understand things. In fact, it took me some time to review all the literature available on this hadith you referred to, which is mentioned in both Al-Bukhari and Muslim. Some Muslim scholars have tried …

What Would Jesus Do? - About Islam

What Would Jesus Do?

Just as Muslims do, Christians have a great respect for Jesus. In fact, it is Jesus who is at the heart of their faith. The accounts of the life of Jesus given by the four gospel writers chosen by the early Church differ in many ways from what the Quran says about Jesus.

Spirituality - The Lost Treasure - About Islam

Spirituality - The Lost Treasure

What are you collecting really? Things that will eventually wear out or perish, without bringing you any closer to God, Allah Almighty? While taking out charity will give you benefit both in this world (by making your life blessed) and in the hereafter (by increasing your good deeds and hence your status in the hereafter).

5 Obstacles to Happiness - About Islam

5 Obstacles to Happiness

We must learn how to deal with our mistakes so that we do not become vanquished by our sins. We need to constantly and earnestly seek the forgiveness of our Lord. We should know that none of us will find salvation on account of our deeds, but only by the grace of Allah.

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