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Social media impact on self-esteem

This Is How Social Media Impacts Our Self-Esteem

Social media is a constant in our daily lives that impacts our perception of ourselves. Our perception is our reality, even if that reality is skewed and incorrect, it feels real to us. Social media gives us an unrealistic, glorified glimpse into the lives of others. When we compare ourselves socially, professionally and spiritually to …

How the Prophet Expressed Gratitude to Allah

How the Prophet Expressed Gratitude to Allah

In common use, gratitude to Allah is defined as devoting all that Allah has bestowed upon you to that for which He has created you. Hence, gratitude transcends speech to a state of being that manifests in one’s character. Allah Almighty clarifies that this rare quality of spiritual devotion is not at all limited to …

Become a Content Muslim; Less may Actually be More

Become a Content Muslim; Less May Actually be More

Are you a content Muslim? When I was younger, my siblings and friends would describe our days and moods as either ‘Eeyore’ or ‘Tigger days,’ depending on how content and happy we were. It was seen as a joke at first, but as we got older, we realized that we were able to change our …

Tips for Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

Tips for Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

Our prayers should reflect our gratitude towards Allah for what He has done in our lives and what He gives to us. Our everyday words and thoughts should reflect a positive mindset of hope joy, and faith in His great plan for our lives on Earth. What is Your Attitude to Gratitude? These posts remind …

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How Can I Show Gratitude to God?

Short Answer: “Gratitude (shukr) is not only an essence of religion, it is, as a matter of fact, also a secret trait which the individuals who are of the highest rank and of the closest states to Allah possess…” Satan works very hard to make us ungrateful to Allah! “The highest level of gratitude is …

Thankfulness…Why Is It So Difficult?

Thankfulness…Why Is It So Difficult?

Thankfulness or gratitude is a wonderful feeling and a remarkable emotion through which one expresses appreciation for what is given. It is actually a reflection of perceiving that as blessing, or, in other words, an act of “speaking from the heart” and thanking the giver for showing generosity. It becomes more exalted when thankfulness is …


Contentment and Asking for More: Any Contradiction?

Salam Dear Sister, Thank you so much for this precious question and for contacting Ask About Islam. There is no contradiction at all. We should always ask Allah Almighty for everything that we need. Allah Wants Us To Ask of Him As a matter of fact, Allah Almighty ordered us to ask of Him. He …

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If it Wasn't for Suffering, We Wouldn't Appreciate Blessings!

Salam Dear Reader, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Struggle Breeds Greatness Some of the most beautiful realities emerge from some of the most excruciatingly painful moments. Imagine if the child-birth experience happened by simply clicking on a button and popping the baby out of his mother’s womb in seconds… …

I Sense Envy From My Friend: What Do I Do?

Asalamu Alikaum sister Hanan, Thank you for your question. First, let me say a few words about the hadith you referred to in your question that mentions the issue of envy. `Abdullah ibn Umar reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him-PBUH) said: There is no envy except in two cases: a man whom …

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