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Shaban 15th and Changing Qiblah Related Fatwa Issues

Qiblah Finding: Art Made Easier Through Ages

For millions of Muslims around the world, traveling is part of their routine. Whether for studies, business or pleasure, the need to embark on long-distance journeys arises continuously and with this comes the challenge of determining the correct direction of the Qiblah while on such trips.


Connection Between Surfing & Science

Surfer and marine scientist Bob Brewin rides the waves to collect data on coastline health. The data he collects helps us understand everything from global warming to fishery production.


Always Remember: I Have My Eye on You

When you look up at the sky, remember “they” are watching you. Who are the ubiquitous “they”? Satellites that orbit Earth. Mankind’s eye in the sky located thousands of miles above. In fact, they eavesdrop on conversations, monitor nuclear detonations or broadcast a channel worldwide. What is a satellite? Technically any object that orbits the …

Haramain App

Your New Hajj Companion, Haramain App

You can now listen to translated Friday prayer sermons and find your way around the Holy Sites, thanks to Haramain Recordings which has launched its new mobile app for the current Haj season. The Haramain app aims to be a guide for pilgrims and those wishing to experience the Grand Mosque in Makkah and the …

Top navigation apps for Hajj pilgrims

Top Navigation Apps for Hajj Pilgrims

During the once-in-a-lifetime experience of hajj, the pilgrims are being advised to install navigation applications which are very useful in locating the pilgrims and their tents even without internet connection. Here are top four apps in 2017 to help guide pilgrims through the Hajj rituals. Hajj Navigator This app will give the pilgrims precise directions …

GPS Blackout

How Solar Flares May Threaten Global Navigation

Imagine driving along an unfamiliar route with an in-car GPS receiver as your only guide, and then the portable navigation device suddenly turns blank. Will you turn right, left, or keep moving ahead? Confusion is bound to set in, and in extreme cases, an accident might be inevitable. This isn’t a scene from anotherHollywoodmovie; rather, …

5 Lessons From the Journey of Mu’adh ibn Jabal to Yemen

This Life is But a Journey

No matter how excellent any stop along the way is, or how much you enjoy the company of a new acquaintance, you will enable yourself to say goodbye. You will move on because you knew at the outset that you were never meant to stay. Your awareness of your true goal facilitates letting go.


How Does Your Smartphone Know Your Location?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on or near the Earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites.

New Islamic Augmented Reality GPS App - About Islam

New Islamic Augmented Reality GPS App

It might not be a new idea, but it surely comes now with a new flavor. “Islamic GPS” is the first Islamic augmented reality app which helps you find your nearest mosque and Islamic landmarks around the world. Simply hold up your phone and as you move it 360 degrees, it will provide historical information …

Reflect on the Mercy of the Most Merciful - About Islam

Reflect on the Mercy of the Most Merciful

In spite of the fact that so of human beings will deny Him despite the fact that so many people continue to associate partners with Allah Almighty and attribute to Him children and deficiencies and qualities that are beneath His majesty and perfection, He continues to provide from His mercy for all of them.

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