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This Young Muslim Named Michigan Winner of Google Doodle Contest

A 10-year-old Muslim student at Michigan Islamic Academy in Ann Arbor has been named a winner among Michigan entrants in the Google for Doodle competition, MLive reported. In the contest under the theme, “When I grow up, I hope…” students submitted doodles representing visions of their future. The doodle submitted by Liyana Siddique, a fourth-grade …

Sheikh Google

Sheikh Google and My Endless Curiosity

Short Answer: Some people say you should not ask questions. However, the reality of Islam is, you are supposed to know what you are doing and why. This presupposes you have found out. Hence, one is required to ask questions. Muslims should do things from knowledge and not from blind following. However, this leads me to …

9 Commonly Googled Questions About the Quran

9 Commonly Googled Questions About the Quran

The Quran is recited, rather than sung. It is not comprised of lyrics, but verses revealed by God. There is an entire science dedicated to the recitation of the Quran and the way in which certain sounds and letters are elongated and pronounced. Hearing a beautiful Quranic recitation in Arabic is quite humbling…

Google Marginalizes Anti-Islam Search Results

After long campaigning from US Muslim groups, Google has modified its first page results on Islamic terms search, to prevent the spread of misleading information about Islam and hateful anti-Muslim content.

Airbnb Challenges Trump’s Ban, Hosts Refugees

An online marketplace and homestay network has offered to host citizens of some Muslim-majority countries who became stranded in American airports, a few hours after US president signed an executive order banning their entry.

Two Challenges for Muslim Ummah

Dr. Qadhi: Two Modern Challenges for Ummah (Video)

Somebody who watches a few YouTube videos does not become a Scholar. Someone who Googles a Wikipedia article does not become a Mufti. With the advent of modernity and globalization the Ummah faces new challenges that are unique to our times. On the one hand we have the ultra-conservative fanatics that take every verse of the …

DeepMind Technologies

Humanity Finally Beat Google's DeepMind Computer

Google DeepMind’s AI was beaten by Go world champion Lee Sedol on Sunday in the fourth game of the Challenge Series tournament. That’s the first time that Sedol has managed to beat the computer.

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