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Why Doesn't God Call Himself "Yahweh" In The Quran?

Short Answer:Because God never said his name was Yahweh.YHWH is the representation of the Hebrew characters into English. That’s why it is all capitalized. Therefore, this is not God’s name; it is an assumption to claim that it is Yahweh just because this is how it sounds when you pronounce the four letters YHWH in …

How Should God’s Names Affect Our Lives?

How Should God’s Names Affect Our Lives?

How much do we know about God’s names, and how do they affect our lives? Just memorizing a bunch of words is no use if they don’t really have any impact in our lives. So let us look at some of Allah’s beautiful names and how they influence us if we really grasp their meaning.

The One and Only True God

Al-Ahad & Al-Wahid - Know the One and Only True God

Al-Ahad is the One and Only who was, is, and will always be alone in His divinity. He is incomparable and indivisible, and nothing or no one can ever be equal to Him. He depends on no one and His likeness can never be replicated…

Seeking The Guide

Seeking The Guide: Understanding Allah's Name Al-Hadi

God shows you that He is the Guide, Al-Hadi, and how life changes when the light of God is in it. Perhaps you started out something with a sense of purpose, but in your journey you were knocked off the path towards the greater goal. You need the Guide.

Worship God

What Makes God Worthy of Worship?

Short Answer: Godis the ultimate source of all beauty, knowledge, mercy, compassion, love, power, and wisdom. “We are designed for worship…Ifwe don’t think Allah is worthy of praise, admiration and awe, we must think something else or someone elseisworthy.Try to think about anyone or anything you’ve ever admired, found beautiful, intelligent, or powerful, in the …


What is The Meaning of "Yahweh"?

Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Dr. Shabir Ally addresses this question in the video below: Transcript: Safiyyah Ally:OK, Brother Shabir, here is the question about the word “Yahweh”. So, the person is asking what does it mean, and does it appear in the Quran in any worldly form? Dr. …

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