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I Have Postpartum Depression, Help Me!

In this counseling answer: •Discuss these feelings with your counselor.Tell her about your depression and fears that overwhelm you. •There are specialized therapies and treatments the counselors can utilize to help with what you’re feeling, such as stress reduction techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy. •Connect with your family and close friends as well and let them …

I Don't Feel Like Having Children, Normal?

I Don't Feel Like Having Children, Normal?

In this counseling answer:  “At 27 time is still on your side, but it is also limited. However, by no means should you feel pressured to having children if you don’t want to or are not ready to. What can be useful to do, is as it seems you have already, contemplate your 2 options; have children or …

After My Third Child, I Have No Interest in Sex Anymore

 In this counseling answer: “A mother is always giving, serving, responding to, worrying about… children, husband, shopping for food, etc., She is also human and needs someone to care about her, to serve her needs, respond to her worries, etc. To recharge your battery means more than just physically. It means emotionally too. So that …

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