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Gender Interactions… Are We Too Strict?

Gender Interactions… Are We Too Strict?

There is no doubt that this is one of the most difficult issues to navigate in the modern workforce. Those who are not yet in the workforce, don’t presume that you know how you will act when you get to that arena. It is very easy to be hardcore in university but when you get to corporate world; when you get to the job situation; when you understand the dynamics then things will change a little bit.

The Prophet's Love for Girls

The Prophet’s Love For Girls

Prophet Muhammad has clearly demonstrated that a girl is not a matter of humiliation to a family. On the other hand, she is a matter of pride. A man who brings up his daughters in a proper way will be among those who have the honor of standing close to the Prophet on the Day of Judgment.

US Bans All-Girl Afghan Robotic Team

An all-girl high school team from Afghanistan who wanted to escort their robot to Washington DC for an international robotics challenge has been denied visa to the US, breaking the heart of the girls and wasting a life-time chance for them.

Can boys be friends with girls?

Can Boys be Friends with Girls? (Video)

We are just friends! That is the pretext used by many teenagers to justify indulgence in forbidden relationships that yields no fruits. But could boys and girls really maintain pure love? And what are the chances for such love to develop into a sound marriage rather than deviates to wrong affairs? Sheikh Omar Suleiman starts …

Delayed Marriage: How to Treat Single Offspring

Parents should consider turning the fingers they are pointing at their supposedly ‘stubborn’ adult son or daughter who is not getting married, inwards towards their own selves, to see whether their own marriage is one that their child would want?

Youtube Videos Led Me to Islam

I stopped working in the clubs that I was photographing in. and so I had to find something different, a different area. And when I started to wear the Hijab, I noticed some changes.

Muslim Women Education: Look at the Wider Picture

How many school-going children or university graduates demonstrate good manners when interacting with others? How many adults – who have paved their lucrative career paths – are able to engage in ethical transactions at all times to honor their clients, stakeholders and employees, for the sake of God?

The Journey of the Heart: Consistency Is Key

We are all at different places in our journey. Sometimes we move ahead swiftly, sure-footed and strong. Other times we feel like the light is gone, like we just can’t get ourselves back to where we need to be.

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