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Why is Charity Extra Blessed in Ramadan?

Why is Charity Extra Blessed in Ramadan?

Generosity is especially blessed during the month of Ramadan. There are many reasons for this. For one thing, Ramadan is a blessed month where the rewards for all of our good deeds are multiplied. Beyond that, there is the fact that our generosity…

Allah is Al-Barr - The Benevolent One

Allah is both Merciful and Generous, rewarding the least of our good deeds with a tenfold reward. He never punishes a misdeed with anything more than its merit, and He often simply pardons it. Allah is the Giver of Good.

The Power of Generosity in Islam

The Power of Generosity in Islam

Being generous does not only mean giving freely from what you have in abundance. Generosity does not lie in giving away something that is no longer useful but in giving freely from the things we love or need.

Zakah: Building Bonds of Brotherhood

Zakah prevents wealth from being accumulated in one part of society. It ensures that everyone has a meal to eat and clothes to cover their backs. It also ensures that all wealthy people are annually taken to account, which prevents illegal actions such as fraud and extortion, and other financial crimes.

I Accepted Islam but I'm Not Nuts!

I stopped bad habits and left bad company, and surrounded myself with Muslims. I started wearing hijab and my parents would say you are not going outside like that. But either I did anyway or wouldn’t go. Sometimes I would put on my hijab in my car…

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