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First Ever Black Hole Image Released

The first ever photo of a black hole in a distant galaxy was released Wednesday, April 10, after being photographed by a network of eight telescopes across the world. “What we see is larger than the size of our entire Solar System,” Prof Heino Falcke, of Radboud University in the Netherlands, who proposed the experiment, …

Meet This Hijabi Muslim Astrophysicist

Because of her achievement, Mutlu-Pakdil was named in the ‘2018 Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World – Academic Leadership and Accomplishment’ Her work provides the first description of a double-ringed elliptical galaxy, challenging current theories and assumptions about how the universe works and how galaxies start and evolve ANKARA – Islam encourages its believers …

The Quran Speaks about Galaxy Wonders

Many interpreters of the Quran interpreted this verse as the situation of the sky at the moment of apocalypse. Because, the renting asunder of the sky reminded them the Doomsday. However, while we can understand the notion of renting asunder of the sky as going to space by passing over the atmosphere…

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