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Muslim Scholars Fly to Christchurch to Attend Victims Funeral - About Islam

Muslim Scholars Fly to Christchurch to Attend Victims Funeral

CHRISTCHURCH – Muslim scholars from around the world are flying to Christchurch to attend a funeral prayer for Muslim worshippers who were killed last Friday during the weekly Jum`ah prayer. “I’m leaving for New Zealand to assist the aggrieved in #Christchurch with the leadership of Helping Hand and a few beloved Imams,” Dr. Omar Suleiman, …

Facing the Reality of Death

Why You Should Remember Death Always

Allah has created everything with a fixed life span. The Quran states: {It is not given to any soul to die save by Allah’s permission, and at an appointed time. } (Aal `Imran 3: 145.) Indeed there is no certainty in life except death. {Every soul will taste death.} (Aal `Imran 3:185.) Not only is …

6 Rights of Every Muslim - About Islam

6 Rights of Every Muslim

The greeting of peace is from the virtuous characteristics of Islam. For verily each of the two people who meet each other supplicates for the other for safety from evils, and mercy, and blessing that brings about every good. And what follows this is a cheerful face and appropriate words of greeting…

5 Lessons From the Journey of Mu’adh ibn Jabal to Yemen

The Purpose of Life in Ten Minutes

In worshipping Allah, we find happiness in our hearts, and all the other transitory, illusory pleasures that we chase after, like chasing after windmills, like chasing after clouds, we can never hold them. None of those things would bring us happiness in this life.

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