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Young French Man Finds Islam in a Football Match

Young French Man Finds Islam in a Football Match

This day when I started knowing more about Islam, we were playing football, and a fi sabil Allah (member of a Muslim dawah group) came in the field. And we stopped playing and they started speaking about Islam… It was like that…


Convert's View on Relation Between Islam & Science

Dr. Bruno Abd-al-Haqq Guiderdoni is a French Muslim astrophysicist. He’s specialized in galaxies and has published more than 140 papers in astronomy. Guiderdoni serves as Director of the Observatory of Lyon, France. Besides his extensive writings on science, he has also published around 60 papers on Islamic theology. He’s also currently the Director of the Islamic Institute …

Modern Modesty

I get frustrated sometimes when, as dressing modestly, people ask me, “Aren’t you hot?” It seems such a silly question. Of course I’m hot– but so are you! It’s 100 degrees outside– it doesn’t matter what you wear, you will be hot. I’ve actually realized that as long as I’m wearing breathable…

French Muslims Disavow Nice Attacker

Branding him as a non-Muslim, the Muslim community in the French city of Nice disavowed the man behind last week attack, saying the man who did not pray or fast the holy month of Ramadan does not represent Islam.

From Stardom to Islam

I was heavily addicted to drugs, including hallucinating narcotics and was admitted in mental asylum to recover, but this was in vain until I heard one of my Muslim friends saying ‘I am going to pray for a while and will come back,’ so I told her that I want to pray as well.

French Mayor Bans Muslim Footballers from Praying

The mayor of Nice warning that Muslim footballers seen praying beside pitches risk suspension and their clubs could lose state subsidies has triggered many condemnations, seen as adding to counterproductive anti-Muslim rhetoric.

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