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If Destiny and Fate are Written, Where is My Free Will?

If Destiny and Fate are Written, Where is My Free Will?

Is it true that destiny and fate are predetermined regardless of whether one works hard or not? So if everything is predetermined and there is absolutely no chance of changing destiny why should we try? The Choice is Yours According to Sheikh Waleed Basyouni it is clear we are given guidance as well as freedom …


Destiny and Fate: Our Choice or Allah's?

Short Answer: In Islam we accept things that happened in the past as being Allah’s will. And Allah knows our intentions. When we freely choose goodness over evil, it is obvious that we sincerely believe in it. Allah isMost Merciful and Most Just. He creates what He wills and He causes it to die when …

divorce Gods will

Divorce: God's Will or A Result of Our Own Actions?

Short Answer:Divorce is a result of our free will as human beings. We choose to leave our spouses or they choose to leave us for their own reasons. Although Allah knew before you were even born that you would marry this person and divorce them, too, it cannot be said that hemade the divorce happen: …

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