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God Forgiving

In Islam, Is God Forgiving or Not?

Short Answer: There is an assurance from Allah that He will forgive the sins of all those who repent and return to Him. One sin Allah does not forgive if a person leaves this world without repenting is the sin of polytheism, which is the gravest of all sins; because it is like treason. Polytheism …

adam punished

Was Adam Punished for Disobeying Allah?

Short Answer: In fact, there was never a punishment for Adam because he repented for his sin in the Garden. His removal from the Garden was not a punishment, but a natural consequence of his choice. However, we may learn from Adam’s test and experience. The main lesson is to control ourselves and realize what is beneficial …

future husband sins

Do I have to Tell My Future Husband About My Sinful Past?

Salam Dear Sister, Thank you for your questions and for contacting Ask About Islam. There are several issues in your question, which can be grouped into your relationship with God, your relationship with others, and future relationships. Relationship with Allah In the Quran, Allah mentioned the people He loves most, and among them are those …

How to Come Back After Sinning

Peace be upon you dear questioner, Thank you so much for this question. It is truly a very important point to discuss. We have to remember that Shaitan (the accursed devil) has two tricks in this regard. First, he tries to make the sin seem easy, appealing, approachable, and that it is not such a …

Forgiveness: A Gate That Never Closes

Forgiveness: A Gate That Never Closes

Salam Dear Barah, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. The concern you have for your Muslim brother is good. Wishing well for him is something to be commended and, God willing, Allah Almighty will reward your concern. There are a number of things which you say in your question, which give …

Will Allah Forgive Me

Will Allah Forgive Me?

Salam Dear Sister, Thank you so much for sending your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. May Allah reward you, purify you and help you tremendously in this world and the next. Your emotions and sincerity have been felt strongly through your words, which is a beautiful and a great sign of your repentance. …

How Can I Re-establish my Relationship with Allah

How Can I Re-establish my Relationship with Allah?

Assalamu Alaykum Dear Sister, First of all, thank you so much for sending your message to us. You did the right thing. As a matter of fact, you asking for help and we insha’Allah doing our best to help you means that Allah is already watching over you and wants you to return to Him beautifully …


Repenting and Going to Hajj: Will Be Forgiven?

Question: As-salamu `alaykum. I have not been the best person lately and I feel a lot of shame for the sins I have committed. I wonder: if by going to Hajj with the deep desire and intention to repent, will I be forgiven by Allah? Answer: Wa `alaykum as-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. In the …

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