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Life Makes Us Forget to Live

This Life Makes Us Forget to Live!

We do not find time for ourselves or our hobbies, because we are there earning a living and trying to make more money. And yet we are depressed, sad, and cranky. Is this the life we want? In our race to make a great life, we have failed to appreciate the greatness of what we already have.

5 Ways to Remember to Do Things on Time

5 Ways to Remember to Do Things on Time

How in the world are you supposed to keep a promise when you keep forgetting all about it? It creates a lot of guilt, and the more you forget, the more that pile of guilt keeps increasing. But think: Is that guilt doing any good? In fact, it only adds to your stress level, and stress is one of the things that hampers memory.

What Happens When You Forget Allah? - About Islam

What Happens When You Forget Allah?

When you lose sight of Allah and that no longer is your goal, then necessarily you will find a replacement. It is necessarily to have something you aspire towards. That is the mission of your life. The one who has found Allah, what happens to them?

When Death Draws Near - About Islam

When Death Draws Near

When we receive a sign that our life is nearing the end, it is a decisive and enabling moment. It empowers us to engage in righteousness deeds that we had putting off all our lives. It emboldens us to go to people we have wronged and ask their forgiveness…

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