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I Just Daydream All Day; I Can’t Focus

I Just Daydream All Day; I Can’t Focus

In this counseling answer: • Start with one prayer per day and maintain that. Step up to two once able. • Diversify worship, find a style of worship that suits you best and a location you feel comfortable in. • Break down long-term goals into smaller more easily achievable goals. • Utilize a CBT journal …

How to Love Prayer (Special Folder)

Prayer - The Spiritual Ritual (Special Folder)

Salah or the Islamic prayer is a unique ritual and a form of worship that Muslims must perform daily. It’s more about the many postures and words we say in the Salah; prayer requires the heart to be aware of what is performed because it’s the one to one appointment with God…

9 Things Muslims Think About While Praying

9 Things Muslims Think About While Praying

Usually the non-Muslim boss might walk in and see you praying, call your name a few times and then leave. As soon as you explain the situation, they’ll probably understand. Muslims who pray at work tend to overthink on many situations where their…


My Daughter Can Not Focus On Her Studies

In this counseling answer: “Perhaps instead of focusing on her actual results, be focusing on gently nurturing good study habits that are compatible with her levels of attention. You can do this by encouraging shorter study times more frequently, rather than longer study sessions. Sit with her and offer her encouragement so she feels supported …


How to Focus While Studying?

Short Answer:Seeking knowledgeis highly praised in Islam, as you know. And studying followed by exams is the normal way to increase in knowledge and to move to higher levels of certification.Distractions in today’s world are many, and you mentioned a couple of them in your question. Butmoderationand good time management are the right answers in …

Developing Khushu' is Learning a Life Skill

Developing Khushu' is Learning a Life Skill

17 years in practice and I am still in a constant fighting with my mind as khushu’ slips in and out during prayer. Sometimes it feels like everyone has this down and I am the only sad sack that is still trying to get it right. I am a child at the salat while everyone else has matured vastly in their practice…

How To Build Focus? — A Tested Approach

How To Build Focus? A Tested Approach

If you aren’t building your focus, you aren’t going to achieve anything. You can try doing everything, but if you aren’t able to build focus then it’s all of no use. So, you need to learn how to build focus in order to achieve big things. Question: What is the first step towards building focus?

How to Build Consistency?

One Key to Unlock the Secret Door of Consistency

You really need just ONE key to unlock the secret door of consistency. Just one. It’s focus. It’s that simple. Focus on one thing first and then keep on doing it again and again. That’s how you get perfect in practicing some thing or rather, anything. That is also basically how you can build consistency.

How To Focus While Praying

How To Focus While Praying

We must focus when praying and many of us struggle with this. How many of us rush through the prayer and not focus on Allah? This is a powerful reminder of how to focus while praying!

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