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Losing Weight During Ramadan

“Fast [the month of Ramadan] so that to heal your bodies from diseases,” says a Hadith, or saying of the Prophet Mohammad (SAAW).

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Easing Fasting for Your Kids in Ramadan - Try These Steps

Though fasting till puberty is not obligatory in Islam, many children wish to fast during Ramadan. If you are planning to make your children fast for the first time this Ramadan, you need to follow few tips to make it easy and enjoyable for them.

Learn from the Prophet's Fitness and Exercise

Learn From the Prophet's Fitness and Exercise

Diet and nutrition play a big part in maintaining the best possible health, so does a lifestyle incorporating exercise. Islam lays emphasis on a simple diet combined with physical exercise. Fulfilling the obligations of three of the five pillars of Islam requires…


Fasting Diet Improves Your Mood, Sex and Sleep

A study on the fasting diet found many benefits. Cutting calories is nobody’s idea of a fun time. But the perks of fasting go far beyond a leaner body, finds a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. People who ate a lot less for two years found they had brighter days and more satisfying nights.


Amanah Fitness - This Muslim Lady Is Helping Others Lose Weight

Amina Khan, A Ph.D student in Psychology, is a CANfit-PRO Certified Fitness Instructor with a mission to improve health in the Muslim community after her own 60-pound weight loss journey. She is the founder of Amanah Fitness, which is dedicated to restoring health awareness in the Muslim community through online nutrition and physical exercise programs …

Beating that Bulging Belly - About Islam

Beating that Bulging Belly

Remember the time you looked in the mirror while brushing your teeth and realized that your belly was jiggling unusually? That was probably the first time you noticed that your belly was starting to bulge a little, or a lot. That was, and usually is, also the time when you decided that you need to …

Managing Weight

Managing Your Weight Through Sunnah

Translated by Karim El Sahafi Our relationship with food can at times be a grievous one. Counting calories and weighing ourselves constantly can make the eating process a burden rather than something to enjoy. Becoming more aware of what we eat doesn’t mean restricting our diet to a certain type of food intake. It’s more …

Food, Fitness and Faith - The Prophetic Formula

Food, Fitness and Faith - The Prophetic Formula

Overeating is something that plays a part in obesity. Allah tells us in the Quran to not be excessive in our eating. The key thing to remember is to eat what you need to fulfill your stomach, rather than indulge for the sake of eating something that tastes good.

My 5 Fs +1 for Fulfillment - About Islam

My 5 Fs +1 for Fulfillment

Faith comes first for me because discovering and uncovering my intimate bond with God has been the greatest gift of my life, and sustaining this bond is my biggest priority.

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