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Muslim Women Work

10 Answers to "Why Should Muslim Women Work?"

You wonder why should Muslim women work outside the home? Especially if a father or husband is providing for all a woman’s basic needs. There are plenty of great reasons for Muslim women to be employed. Let’s review. 1 – Financial Stability in the Case of Divorce The cultural views and social stigmas surrounding divorce …

Spiritual abuse

Are You Being Spiritually Abused?

“At least you aren’t being hit,” is a common dismissal heard by people suffering degrees of abuse in various relationships, including marriages, birth families, and even in relationships outside of families. In addition to physical, sexual, mental, financial, and emotional abuse, due to recent high-profile cases we are hearing more about spiritual abuse in Muslim …

The Real Truth about Domestic Abuse and Culture - About Islam

The Real Truth about Domestic Abuse and Culture

Read previous parts: The Truth about Domestic Abuse and Children’s Development What No One Told You about Spiritual Abuse in Islam Domestic abuse is found in all cultures and all parts of the world. However, one thing remains constant no matter where it’s found: archaic cultural norms often make it hard for women to leave …

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