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Attraction to Non-Muslim

How to Deal with Attraction to Non-Muslims

Imagine being a brand new college student. You’re excited to be away from home and looking forward to getting involved in college life. You turn up to class, make new friends, and then you meet someone special. This person is warm, kind and intelligent – you are intrigued and attracted. This person is also not …

Muslim & Non-Muslim Friendships: The Forbidden Zone

Muslim & Non-Muslim Friendships: The Forbidden Zone

“I like you, but I’m not supposed to because of my faith.” “My parents would never accept you because you’re not Muslim.” “You don’t look Muslim to me so why can’t we be together.” “I don’t care if you’re Muslim. We’re all human. What difference does it make?” These are all comments one may hear …

Mother's Soul

Will My Mother's Soul Haunt Me If I Get Married Now?

Short Answer: Islamically speaking, the mourning period is only a few days, but there are allowances for cultural practices, as long as they don’t go against Islam. What this means is if delaying your wedding will cause you to fall into sin, it is absolutely more important for you to get married than to obey cultural …

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