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Prophet Muhammad: The Perfect Family Man

Prophet Muhammad: The Perfect Family Man

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) embodied the importance of a strong family unit in his own family life.He loved his first wife Khadijah so much that even years after her passing he kept good relations with her family.


What's Wrong With Stay-at-Home Fathers?

In this counseling answer: •While it is great that you and your wife agree to this arrangement, in the long run, your child will miss out on perhaps the most universally known and cherished time of a child’s life; that is the time spent with the mother. •Westrongly suggest that you reconsider for how long …

Working Abroad, Deprived of My Kids: How to Cope?

Working Abroad, Deprived of My Kids: How to Cope?

In this counseling answer: •You can develop a routine with your wife and your children so that you are having a family life if you are creative, persistent, and consistent. •You can start looking for work in your homeland while you are working for your current company. You will want to make financially wise decisions …

Muhammad & Fatimah - The Perfect Father-Daughter Relationship

Muhammad & Fatimah - The Perfect Father-Daughter Relationship

We know from modern psychology that father-daughter relationships have a great impact on the lives of both parties. Daughters learn what kind of man they should bond and form relationships with from their fathers. And fathers learn how to be gentle, patient, and loving from their daughters.[i] There is no greater father-daughter relationship than that …

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How to Deal with a Father Who Doesn't Fast?

In this counseling answer: •Let him know your concerns. It may be that’s he is not aware of exactly how and why you are concerned and therefore doesn’t take change seriously. •Let him know your fear for your children – his children and find out how comfortable he is at the prospect of them potentially …


Reality of Fatherhood Isn't As Expected

In this counseling answer: •Frustration is a normal part of being a father. We would all like to have a baby who is always clean, happy, smiling, playing all the time, and smelling nice. Unfortunately, babies do not come with batteries and an on/off switch: reality is different. •It is because of all the frustrations, …

Imam Azeez: Don't Take Kids' Respect for Granted (Video)

Imam Azeez: Don't Take Kids' Respect for Granted

Many Muslim countries still cherish Islamic values of dutifulness and kids’ respect to parents. That makes it easier for kids to learn and practice these norms. On the other hand, that is not necessarily the case in Western countries where values of individual freedom and personal success have the upper hand. The problem emerges when …


No Male Role Models

As-salamu `alaykum. You sum it up nicely when you say, “I think the general belief here is that so long as the man is providing financially he’s doing his job as far as his kids go.” It’s unfortunate, but your son is reflecting his father’s apathy and absence of true passion in and for life. …


Father Is Obsessed with his Degrees!

As-salamu `Alaikum, Thank you for writing. Ramadan Kareem to you and your family. We understand that you are frustrated in dealing with your husband and make du`aa’to Allah to grant you the patience and the perseverance in dealing with him. Your concerns about your husband and the impact he will have on your son are …

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