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If Destiny and Fate are Written, Where is My Free Will?

If Destiny and Fate are Written, Where is My Free Will?

Is it true that destiny and fate are predetermined regardless of whether one works hard or not? So if everything is predetermined and there is absolutely no chance of changing destiny why should we try? The Choice is Yours According to Sheikh Waleed Basyouni it is clear we are given guidance as well as freedom …

Good & Evil

Do Good and Evil Both Come from Allah?

Short Answer: The foreknowledge of Allah is different from predestination. “All good that comes to man and all evil that befalls him flow originally from Allah’s will: that is, everything is from Allah. When man uses his free will and makes a wrong choice out of several available options, evil follows.We should remember that evil …


Why is This Happening to Me?

Short Answer:There can be countless reasons behind why Allah has kept something from you. Maybe Allah is not giving a person something due to the harm it may have on the certain individual. Or the object will bring about many negative things in the person’s life, because at times there are people who don’t understand …

How to Understand Fate and Free Will in Islam

How to Understand Fate and Free Will in Islam

How we get to act on free will while at the same time remaining bound to fate is known only to God. God, in His Infinite Wisdom, can maintain this duality. We ought to have faith in both. The knowledge of free will and its consequences makes us accountable…


Destiny and Fate: Our Choice or Allah's?

Short Answer: In Islam we accept things that happened in the past as being Allah’s will. And Allah knows our intentions. When we freely choose goodness over evil, it is obvious that we sincerely believe in it. Allah isMost Merciful and Most Just. He creates what He wills and He causes it to die when …

How Much of Your Life is Determined? Understanding Qadar

How Much of Your Life is Determined? Understanding Qadar

The first qadar is one that you have no choice in. It is destined for you, determined for you, it is with the knowledge of Allah, with the Will of Allah, with the creation of Allah, and with the ability of Allah. It has those four levels of the qadar of Allah. And those are…

How to Understand Fate and Free Will

How to Understand Fate and Free Will?

Short Answer: It is our very lack of knowledge which gives us free will. God’s knowledge covers everything created, its past and its future. Destiny as conceived by Islam, therefore, does not take away our freedom of choice and action. __________________________________________ Salam Dear Tarique, Thank you very much for your question and for contacting Ask …


Telomere, Ageing & Cancer: Islamic Perspective

They now believe that ageing can be slowed down or reversed through manipulating the length of Telomere, the antidote for cancer may lie in activating telomerase, and chronic, age-related diseases can be kissed goodbye very soon.

divorce Gods will

Divorce: God's Will or A Result of Our Own Actions?

Short Answer:Divorce is a result of our free will as human beings. We choose to leave our spouses or they choose to leave us for their own reasons. Although Allah knew before you were even born that you would marry this person and divorce them, too, it cannot be said that hemade the divorce happen: …

bad luck

My Bad Luck: Is it Jinn Possession, Black Magic, or Fate?

WalaykumAsalamwaRahmatAllah, Dear Sister, Thank youfor sending your question to Ask About Islam and sharing your concerns with us. May Allah enable us to help you adequately, and may you find the right answer that truly benefits you here and in the hereafter. Don’t Obsess OverJinn and Black Magic Now, first of all, do NOT concern …

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