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How Can I Become a Muslim Without My Family Knowing?

Short Answer:I know some people embracing Islam don’t tell their parents for some time, but it should be avoided if possible. How can they manage the prayers, fast Ramadan and eat halal food if they hide their Islam? As for your Muslim boyfriend, why can’t you introduce him to your family first? Then, if they …

Change Surname

Should My Friend Change His Surname After Converting?

Short Answer: Having an Arabic name does not make you any “more” Muslim. There are few cases where a new convert to Islam would need to change his or her name. As for changing his surname because his father is Christian, he should absolutely not change this name. _________________________________________ Salam, Thank you for contacting Ask …

Tell Family Want Muslim?

How Can I Tell My Family I Want to Be Muslim?

Salam (Peace) Kenyah, I am happy to hear that you are interested in becoming a Muslim, and I pray that God will guide you and help you in this. You can try looking on theIslamic Finderor any other search engine on the Internet for mosques or Islamic centers near you. But let me also give …

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