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Scientific Signs in the Quran Caught My Attention

The Scientific Fact in the Quran That Caught My Attention

What stands out in Eesa’s mind is the formation of the baby in the mother’s womb, the stars, the oceans and how science today acknowledges all these facts. He was blown away by this; he didn’t know there were people long ago who had talked about…

5 Facts Jesus Said in the Quran

5 Facts Jesus Said in the Quran

Islam gave a clear understanding of the personality of Jesus, son of Mary. In many parts of the Quran, God tells the story of Jesus from his birth till when He raised his soul. The Quran came to confirm some of what is revealed about Jesus in the Bible and to…

Scientific Facts Revealed in Qur'an - About Islam

Scientific Facts Revealed in Qur'an

The Holy Qur’an is basically a book of guidance, revealed by the Creator to address areas that cannot be answered by the human intellect such as the essence of faith, the acts of worship, the moral code and the rules and regulations that govern the various transactions between human beings. Besides this guidance, the glorious …

8 Amazing Facts About The Quran - About Islam

8 Amazing Facts About The Quran

Here are 8 amazing facts about the Quran that will motivate you to keep reading our holy book and to keep learning from it inshAllah.

10 Interesting Facts About Islam

10 Interesting Facts About Islam

Many people think they know Islam due to the media coverage. However, many are surprised to learn it is not at all how it is portrayed. Here are 10 interesting facts about Islam!

9 Astonishing Facts in the Quran that will Surprise You - About Islam

9 Astonishing Facts in the Quran that will Surprise You

Just like the Quran contains knowledge about the natural world, it also contains information about the inner dimensions of our souls. It relates to our feelings, wants and needs. The Quran informs us that we have a purpose in life, and that following God’s guidance will lead us to inner peace

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Even if it was Not Terror

They are training us to instinctively see all horrific incidents as being tied to Islam. Whether they really are or not is beside the point. This helps to advance the positions and agendas of powerful politicians and corporations – but tears our society apart, and that does matter.

When Terrorism Strikes - About Islam

When Terrorism Strikes

Data clearly shows that most of the terrorist acts committed on American and European soils are done by Christians, Jews, and others, not by Muslims. Furthermore, 95% of the victims of ISIS terrorist actions are Muslims.

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