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Face Veil

Is Face Veil (Niqab) Compulsory?

Short Answer: You are doing the right thing; following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to the letter since the wives of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with them) used to do exactly what you did by covering their faces when they were surrounded by strangers, therefore not a permanent face cover. You are …

Swiss Canton Voters Back Burqa Ban

ST. GALLEN – The canton of St Gallen in northeastern Switzerland has become the second in the European country to vote in favor of banning burqa in public in a referendum held on Sunday, September 23. Sixty-seven percent of the electorates in the German-speaking canton supported a law that allows police to fine anyone covering …

Danish Fashion Show Supports Women Against Burqa Ban

COPENHAGEN — An Iranian-born Danish Muslim designer made more than a fashion statement in Denmark by showcasing models wearing niqab and others dressed as police officers, days after a law banned the full-face covering in the North European country. “I have a duty to support all women’s freedom of speech and freedom of thought,” Reza …

Muslim Group Blasts Boris Johnson Over Niqab Comments

LONDON – UK’s former foreign secretary Boris Johnson has sparked criticism with his comment on Muslim  women in burkas,  saying they “look like letter boxes.”; he has been asked to apologize. “Boris Johnson rightly opposes the Danish ban on the niqab but denigrates the minority of women who choose to wear it. He described them …

Danish Muslim Fined for Wearing Niqab

COPENHAGEN – A Muslim woman wearing a niqab has become the first person in Denmark to be fined under new laws banning full-face Islamic veils. The woman, 28, was fined by the police who were called to a shopping center in Horsholm, north of Copenhagen, where the woman had become involved in an altercation with another …

Switzerland Rejects Proposed Niqab Ban

Switzerland Rejects Proposed Niqab Ban

ZURICH – The Swiss government opposed on June 27 a grassroots campaign for a ban on facial coverings in public that will prompt a binding referendum, The Express Tribune reported. The Swiss cabinet said individual cantons should decide on the matter, which nevertheless will go to a nationwide vote under Switzerland’s federal system of direct …

Denmark Set to Ban Niqab

COPENHAGEN – The Danish government announced Wednesday its plan to ban the full-face covering, known as niqab and burqa, in public places throughout the north European country, calling it “incompatible with the values of the Danish society or the respect for the community to keep the face hidden when meeting each other in the public …

Quebec Softens Criticized Burqa Ban

Government officials in the French-speaking Quebec districts have toned down its interpretation of the much-criticized legislation banning face-covering, clarifying who the law would affect and how it would be enforced.

Quebec Set to Vote on Burqa Ban

A new proposed law banning face-veil in Canada’s Quebec district is stirring waves of criticism from rights groups, which slammed the legislation as “Islamophobic and anti-Muslim”.

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