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Don't Settle for Mediocrity! Allah Loves Excellence

Don't Settle for Mediocrity! Allah Loves Excellence

Ihsan, or doing good things in the most perfect manner, is one of the things praised and recommended in Islam. Allah loves excellence. This concept is not for acts of worship only; Ihsan applies to your work, study, relationships and all aspects of life. Learn more about Ihsan Join Sheikh Yaser  Birjas in this beautiful talk about …

Quranic Maxims – 4 Meanings of Excellence (Ihsan)

Quranic Maxims - 4 Meanings of Excellence (Ihsan)

Here we will ask ourselves a serious question, indeed a painful one: When people look at the Muslim societies today, would they say to us “indeed we see you as muhsineen? When they look towards the Muslim communities living as minorities…

Working with Excellence for Our 9-5 Jobs

Every moment of work should constitute good worship for the sake of God, so it’s not healthy if we go through the motions just for worldly gains and remain disappointed about our accomplishments in the process.

Let’s Examine Our Relationship with the Quran - 2

The ultimate goal of every Muslim should be to become a “walking Qur’an” just as the Prophet Muhammad was, that is to say, that he should personify in his overall deportment and manners the Qur’anic worldview, values and teachings.

Lived Spirituality: What is Ihsan?

What is the importance of Ihsan in Islam? How does a believer increase in spirituality through excellence? Sheikh Yasir Fahmy answers these and other questions related to Ihsan in this segment of a recent Friday speech he gave at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. “The Prophet, peace be upon him, was asked these …

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