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language of heaven

Were All Prophets Arab? Arabic the "Language of Heaven?"

Short Answer: No, not all Prophets were from among the Arabs, and no, Arabic is not the “language of Heaven.” It’s easy to assume such considering how many prophets in recorded history were Arab, but God says he sent all people a warner from among their own people before Prophet Muhammad, who was the final prophet for …

Islam Religion

Is Islam a Religion, Culture, Nationality or Ethnicity?

Short Answer: “Islam is a religion, but not in the usual sense… Islam covers all aspects of life, such as politics, economics, and culture… Islam has common “cultural” elements…” But Islam is not a nationality or an ethnicity. “Muslims come from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North America, and so on. And each of these groups also participate in their …

From Where Did Luqman Hail?

Salam, Thank you for sending in your question to our website, brother Mohammed. There are two opinions about Luqman, the wise man, among Muslim scholars. One is that he was a prophet of Allah, and the other is that he was a righteous man, not a prophet. The majority of scholars favor the latter view. …

Are Arabs Nobler Than Non-Arabs?

Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Dr. Shabir Ally addresses this question in the video below: Transcript: Aisha Khaja: Dr. Shabir, the question today is: do Arabs have a special status in Islam. And, a bit of background, the viewer is saying justifications are based on a mixture of opinions and …

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