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Africa’s First Mosque Renovated

ADDIS ABABA – Believed to be the first mosque in Africa, Al-Najashi mosque has been drawing more visitors after been  renovated recently by a Turkish aid agency. “From what I have read, the mental picture I had about the mosque was it that it was old. But, it actually looks it was built one or …

Ethiopia Appoints First Hijabi Muslim Defense Minister

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has appointed women to half of his government’s ministerial posts, including a hijabi Muslim defense minister. “This is to show respect to the women for all the contribution they have made to the country,” Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told lawmakers in the capital, Addis Ababa, Bloomberg …

Linked by Their Love for Prophet Jesus

Linked by Their Love for Prophet Jesus

Prophet Muhammad believed that his followers would be well looked after if they migrated to a country whose religion was Christianity, a scriptural religion whose Prophet was Jesus son of Mary. The migrants set off on their hazardous journey carrying with them a letter of introduction for the King.

The Sunnah of Makkah, Ethiopia & Madinah

How is the Sunnah of Makkah different from that of Madinah? And what are the lessons from the time early Muslims spent in Ethiopia? In this video, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf reminds us that we have three Sunan from our Prophet, peace be upon him. The time of powerlessness in Makkah, which is not abrogated, but …

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