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Living Life to the Full

Living Life to the Full

No party, no excitement, no adventure can fill this empty space. Because this is the way Allah has created us. He reserved a special place for Himself inside of us. It is His space.

Feeling Empty? What Can Fill the Void?

Feeling Empty? What Can Fill the Void?

What is missing is something that we already have, but we tend to belittle. We lost sight the joy of being human and connecting with ourselves, laughing with family and friends, enjoying nature, a simple meal, and the little things that play a big role in our life.

Turn Back Now- Allah Forgives All Sins

Turn Back Now: Allah Forgives All Sins

Allah’s forgiveness & mercy is much more vast than His wrath. The greatest barrier that usually prevents a sinner who wants to turn back to Allah, from sincerely repenting, however, is the cunning insinuations of Satan. He works hard to dissuade them…

Seeking Nearness to Allah - How?

The waseelah (the means by which Allah has asked us to take it to approach Him only means that we should perform obligatory and extra works, it means nothing else.

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