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Pennsylvania Gets Its First Female Muslim State Rep

PHILADELPHIA – Movita Johnson-Harrell made history on Tuesday night, March 12, after winning the contested special election for the 190th District seat, becoming the first Muslim woman to be elected as a state representative in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Magazine reported. “I’m running because I care about my community — I don’t need a job,” Johnson-Harrell told …

US Report: Running Islamophobic Campaigns a ‘Losing Strategy’

WASHINGTON — Several American candidates, almost exclusively Republicans, have run campaigns this election cycle casting their opponents as “national security threats with ties to terrorism.” But, according to a new Muslim American study, these claims won’t help them win, Politico reported on October 22. “While many factors contribute to election outcomes, the vast majority of …

How Faith Shapes Pakistan's New Prime Minister

After a 22 year political career, former cricket legend Imran Khan is set to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the world’s sixth most populated nation. Twenty-eight seats short of a majority, the election marred with controversy and claims of vote-rigging will see Khan forging alliances with other, smaller parties, to form a government. Leading …

US Congress 1st Muslim Woman on the Way

DETRIOT – An American Muslim community organizer announced on Tuesday her bid to join the race for the US Congress seat in Michigan, taking her chances as the first possible Muslim congresswoman. “My voice as a mother working for justice for all is needed in Washington,” former State Representative, Rashida Tlaib, told Detroit Free Press. …

Record Number of US Muslims Run for Office

To the surprise of many analysts, the American administration’s rising anti-Muslim actions have backfired, with many American Muslims deciding to join the race for Congress nationwide instead of hiding in low-profile lives.

Election Night May-Hem: Muslims Find Hope in Hung Parliament

Adopting the leadership of the Conservative Party as Prime Minister after Brexit, something she campaigned against, Theresa May called for an election, something she said she would not do, in an effort to solidify her ‘Brexit means Brexit’ position, expecting sweeping support to give her a mandate to do as she pleases, which none of us know as she neither outlined her Brexit negotiating position, nor provided a costed budget.

Maryland Group Recruits Muslims to Run for Office

Seeking a larger representation in politics, a political action committee launched a new initiative to train 30 American Muslims to run for state and local offices in Maryland and across the country in 2018.

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