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Ramadan Unites Egyptian Muslims & Christians. - About Islam

Ramadan Unites Egyptian Muslims & Christians.

In Cairo’s district of Masr El-Qadima, a group of Egyptian Muslim and Christians are putting together Ramadan boxes, filled with basic food items and provisions, which have been donated by volunteers from both religions.

Medicine Loses Egyptian Muslim Savior, Adel Mahmoud

Medicine Loses Egyptian Muslim Pioneer, Adel Mahmoud

NEW YORK – Last week, the world lost the famous Egyptian Muslim biologist and physician, Dr. Adel Mahmoud, known for developing the lifesaving vaccines of Human papilloma virus (HPV) and Rotavirus. The renowned expert in infectious diseases, who worked as a professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University, died on June 11 in Manhattan, New …

Egyptian Boy Named Smartest in the World - About Islam

Egyptian Boy Named Smartest in the World

A 13-year-old Egyptian Muslim boy has been named the “smartest child in the world” after winning first place at a global competition in which thousands of competitors from around the world took part.


Polymath of Humanity and Egypt

“We must come to the land of the Nile for the origin of many of man’s most distinctive and highly cherished beliefs,” Sir William Osler.

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