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Dutch Party’s Islamophobic Video Sparks Outrage

AMSTERDAM – A far-right, hate campaign calling for ‘de-Islamization of the Netherlands’ has sparked outrage in the Netherlands, with many human rights activists comparing it to Nazi propaganda. “The similarities cannot be ignored. In the old movies, the Jews were shown as dangerous. Now the Africans and Muslims are shown as dangerous,” human rights activist …

Dutch Tourist Finds Islam in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI – Inspired and touched by values of tolerance of Abu Dhabi police in the United Arab Emirates, a Dutch tourist has reverted to Islam, Khaleej Times reported. The tourist, Christina Dafano, was inquiring about Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque as she wanted to visit it. But the police not only guided her but also …

Dutch Polls: Will Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Win?

With many eyes fixed on The Netherlands, as the third station after US’ Trump win and UK’s Brexit, divided Dutch voters may draw up a new political map in the country that has been ruled with coalition governments for decades.

From Windmills to Minarets

I went to Turkey on holiday and had a look inside some of the greater mosques. With every step I took, with every day that went by, I could feel the presence of God in my life grow. I went into nature and for the first time, I could see that what was in front of me were signs of the Creator.

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