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Diabetics & Hajj Rituals - About Islam

Diabetics & Hajj Rituals

Hajj is a spiritual journey that takes two weeks up to two months in the hottest seasons of the year and is carried out in a place where there is no permanent residence for the pilgrims. Pilgrims always gather in a very limited patch of land and they undergo a considerable change in their way …


Allergy and Hajj Rituals

Allergy may inflict any organ in the body; the eyes, nose, stomach, arms, legs or so on. But it has different names with each organ. This includes running nose, influenza, hay fever, summer common cold, and urtecaria. In addition to, spasmodic chest disease, spring cattar, recurrent bronchitis and brochial asthma. All these diseases are different …

Cold & Flu

Falling to Cold & Flu Viruses While Fasting

Your nose is stuffy or it is expectantly running, your head is heavy and aching and you know like the back of your hand that you are suffering from a common cold or perhaps that malevolent flu. Your Ramadan is in jeopardy.

addiction sin disease

Addiction: Sin or Disease?

Salam Dear Abid, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. What is Addiction? First of all, let us see what addiction is. The experts who have contributed to the site, familydoctor.org write: “Addiction is a disease that affects your brain and your behavior. You have control over your choice to start …

Combating Spiritual Diseases of the Heart

Combating Spiritual Diseases of the Heart

The diseases that can potentially afflict the heart are many. However, among them are a few that we should all be extremely wary of because of the damage they do to the heart and because of their ability to quickly cause the heart to succumb to other diseases.

Endangered Tree: Hope for Prostate Cancer

Endangered Tree: Hope for Prostate Cancer

The interrelationships of man and nature are one of the miracles of Allah. However, in modern times this delicate interrelationship has been threatened many times by the extinction of various species of plants and animals. One of the medicinal species threatened with extinction is the ancient medicinal treePrunus Africana. This slow-growing evergreen, which is found …

Metabolic Syndrome X: Disease in Disguise

Metabolic Syndrome X: Disease in Disguise

No, Metabolic Syndrome Xis not some illness straight from Star Trek or the X Files, or even some virus from an experiment gone wrong. In fact, you may already have the disease and not even know it! That’s because one out of three adults has succumbed to it in countries with a well-fed population! The …

Addressing Autism Gains Momentum in the East

Addressing Autism Gains Momentum in the East

Most people relate autism to Dustin Hoffman’s eponymous portrayal of an autistic savant in the acclaimed Hollywood hit Rain Man. The reality is that autistic savants make up only one percent of the autism spectrum disorder. Experts in the field say that although the movie gives a good characterization of autism, what it shows is …

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