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Baby with Genetic Disorder: Allah’s Punishment?

Baby with Genetic Disorder: Allah’s Punishment?

In this counseling answer: •If your child were to have special needs, look at it as if Allah (swt) chose you and your wife to care for your child, whom He (swt) created, and Allah (swt) does not make mistakes. • If your child does, indeed, have a genetic disorder, in sha’ Allah you and your wife will …

born crippled

Born Crippled: Did I Inherit My Ancestors' Sins?

Short Answer: It is true that Islam does not accept inherited sin or punishment. Muslims do not accept the view that someone’s physical defect is a punishment given to him/her instead of their father. Islam teaches that the justice of God is all-pervading and that there is no question of His punishing one person for the sin of another. …

How Can I Cope With Having a Sick Child?

Asalamu Alaikum Dear Sister, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. May Allah the All-Merciful bless you with strength of Iman and Sabr (faith and patience)! We should consider every sad thing (or every happy event, for that matter) that happens to us to be a test from Allah Almighty; because there is Divine …

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