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The Qiblah - One Direction One God one People

The Qiblah - One Direction, One People, One God

The qiblah was not always oriented towards Makkah. The first Muslims prayed towards the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Around sixteen months after Prophet Muhammad and his followers migrated from Makkah to the city of Madinah, the qiblah was changed to the Ka’bah.

Lessons of Unity and Order in Prayer

Lessons of Unity and Order in Prayer

If we remember this directionality and goal-oriented thinking in our communities and organizations, we can have better unity. Instead we often can only see the small picture and lose sight of the direction in which we should all be travelling, toward Allah, seeking His pleasure, in worship of Him alone as one community.

The Miraculous Design of Insects Flight

The Miraculous Design of Insects Flight

Inspiration for Helicopters: The Dragonfly The flight system of these insects is nothing less than a wonder of design. The world’s leading helicopter manufacturer, Sikorsky, finished the design of one of their helicopters by taking the dragonfly as a model.[1]IBM, which assisted Sikorsky in this project, started by putting a model of a dragonfly in …

The Qiblah, Believers and Satan's Real Power

The Qiblah, the Believers, and Satan's Real Power

In order to counter Satan’s horizontal advances, believers from all sides of the earth constantly face the Holy Mosque (qiblah), both physically with their actual faces and spiritually with the “faces” of their hearts. That allows them either to sidestep…

Lost to Belong! - About Islam

Lost to Belong!

What attracted me to Islam was the beauty in it. I hadn’t been exposed to all the stereotypes or the media or the negative connotations.

Follow the Direction and Race in Good - About Islam

Follow the Direction and Race in Good

We must have a direction that we’re facing; we must have a vision; we must have a strategy; we must have a purpose and a mission as living in this planet as believers of God and people who are trying to live as exemplify and call to His way.

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