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Some Lessons From Racing Games

Some Lessons From Racing Games

Let’s talk about what matters to the most of us. Each of us is a unique person, an individual, a blend of different qualities and failings, and different strengths and weaknesses. We don’t have the choice of what kind of blend we want for ourselves…

Stuck in the Snow- Time to Reflect?

Stuck in the Snow: Time to Reflect?

With the massive snow storm currently affecting Northern Europe, said to be the worst in the UK since 2013, one thousand schools closed their doors here yesterday. Many commuters were unable to reach work, and many others chose to stay home.

5 Lessons From the Journey of Mu’adh ibn Jabal to Yemen

This Life is But a Journey

No matter how excellent any stop along the way is, or how much you enjoy the company of a new acquaintance, you will enable yourself to say goodbye. You will move on because you knew at the outset that you were never meant to stay. Your awareness of your true goal facilitates letting go.

If God Really Cares, Let Him Send Me a Miracle! - About Islam

If God Really Cares, Let Him Send Me a Miracle!

There are some well-meaning individuals who put God to test by wishing to see a miracle from Him in order to fully believe that He is there and cares for them. Such persons do believe in God but have no personal relationship with Him.

A Tale of Two Hijrahs - About Islam

A Tale of Two Hijrahs

For those of us in the West who have accepted Islam into our lives, it makes us wonder if we should do the same-make hijrah. Some new Muslims want to escape countries where Muslims are feeling increasingly unwelcome. While others say more Muslims should stay…

This Worldly Life is Only a Transition - About Islam

This Worldly Life is Only a Transition

Are you focusing on the big picture, the reason why we are fasting, the reason we and the world are going through all these tests and how we can please God through these tests? Or are you focusing on the pebbles on the path rather than the destination?

Reflect on the Mercy of the Most Merciful - About Islam

Reflect on the Mercy of the Most Merciful

In spite of the fact that so of human beings will deny Him despite the fact that so many people continue to associate partners with Allah Almighty and attribute to Him children and deficiencies and qualities that are beneath His majesty and perfection, He continues to provide from His mercy for all of them.

The Laws of Happiness - About Islam

The Laws of Happiness

An important element for every Muslim to find ultimate contentment in life, no matter how difficult the circumstances are, is to strike a balance between this worldly life and the next life.

The Path to the Light - About Islam

The Path to the Light

The heart is the vessel that carries our faith. It is the organ with which we know and love Allah Almighty. It is the vehicle we use to traverse the path to Him.

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