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The Adhan Changed Something Inside Me

My uncle died in front of my eyes taking his last breath and that was the thing that changed a lot inside me. I just started feeling that this life isn’t exactly what I thought it is. We’re investing too much time and energy on things that could be gone in a second.


Are You Ready to Meet Allah? (True Story)

Death usually comes to us unexpected. The question is Are we ready to meet Allah? Listen to this true story narrated by sister Zohra Sarwari about the death of a young girl whom she knew.

Does Practicing Islam Mean Losing Friends? - 2

Would you still turn away for friends who would have no hesitation to leave you when a better opportunity arises for them or even forget you after a while? What about the pleasures of this world? Do you think what gives you pleasure at this age, may change a few years from now?

Dealing With Grief as a Muslim

God has blessed us with the ability to make du’a, speak to God, your Creator and tell him your worries, your pain, tell Him you’re upset and insha’Allah He will make this trial easy for you. Du’a has the power to change our conditional qadar (pre-destination), it is so powerful and will get you through some of your darkest hours.

What Actually Happens in the Grave?

A voice calls out from heaven: ‘My slave has spoken the truth, so prepare for him a bed from Paradise and clothe him from Paradise, and open for him a gate to Paradise.’

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