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Why Do We Sleep

Why Do We Sleep?

Allah Almighty mentions to us in His Holy Book, the Qur’an: {And it is He who has made the night for you as clothing and sleep [a means for] rest and has made the day a resurrection.} (Surat Al-Furqan 25:47).


Deep Sea Darkness, Glory be to Allah!

Just how deep does the ocean go? Way further than you think. In fact, Oceanography informs us that at the extreme depths of the ocean on Planet Earth there is no light. The deep sea region is the lowest layer in the ocean. It exists below the Thermocline and above the seabed, at a depth of 1,800 …

5 Verses That Light Our Dark Days

5 Verses That Light Our Dark Days

Is it not that merely months ago you were lost? Is it not that there was a time when you were seeking and He brought you from darkness into light? If you have been unjustly treated, read the story of Joseph.

Like a Newborn Child

After so many years of being blind, and walking in the dark, one day, Allah the Most Gracious Most Merciful shone the torch in my eyes, and I woke up from the trance, from the illness, from the blindness I was trapped in for so long.

The Path to the Light

The heart is the vessel that carries our faith. It is the organ with which we know and love Allah Almighty. It is the vehicle we use to traverse the path to Him.

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