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I’m So Sick of Being Sick All the Time!

I’m So Sick of Being Sick All the Time!

In this counseling answer: •Implementing extra hand washing can often reduce the transmission of illnesses. •You may also want to ensure that the surfaces in your home have been sanitized, especially the kitchen and bathroom areas. •Increase your family’s nutritional options with more healthy foods. Eliminate or reduce harmful foods such as processed foods, sugar, …

Feeling Hopeless and Depressed? 6 Clues For Healing

Feeling Hopeless and Depressed? 6 Clues For Healing

During the hard times, we tend to forget the blessings we have around us and instead, we focus more on the things that are going wrong for us. It is human nature. We tend to get lost in circumstantial sources of grief and pain and forget to notice our source of blessings.

The Unique Chapter That Can Cure You

The Unique Chapter That Can Cure You

Chapter Al-Fatihah is actually one of the few portions of the Quran that we can actually recite on ourselves when we’re sick, recite it on our children when they are sick, and we hope that Allah would bring about a cure through chapter Al-Fatihah.

Human embryonic stem cells

Therapeutic Cloning Advances in the Muslim World

Far more than just copying cells for the purpose of duplicating human beings, cloning technologies are leading to exciting medical applications. Continuing the discussion of Part 1, this article explores therapeutic cloning advances in the Muslim World.

Natural Cures for Schizophrenia

Sigmund Freud said, “Psychoanalysis is not suitable for such diseases as schizophrenia and successful treatment will be found to be biochemical.” Some scientists and physicians, however, seem to have misunderstood the word “biochemical.” In the 1950’s, painful and typically ineffective insulin injections, barbiturates, morphine, and electro-convulsive therapy were used for schizophrenic patients. Modern medications are …

Light Has Therapy

According to Islamic jurisprudence, water, earth, and the sun are purifying elements. Sunlight can cleanse all impurities provided that nothing intervenes between its rays and the object being purified. This is why the Sunnah suggests that washed clothes be put out to dry in the sun (rather than at night when other influences are at …

Healing Bee Venom: Antibiotic of Future

Through the ages bees have played a significant role in Muslim cultures. In fact, the value of bees was so great that before an important battle Abu Bakr As-Sidiq told his general, Yazid Ibn Abi Sufian, “Do not burn bees and do not scatter them.” Surah 16, An-Nahl aka “The Bee”, in the Qur’an also speaks of …


Wherein is Healing For Men

Remember that old saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, how about this one: keep your lives sunny by taking some honey!

Faith Reduces Gene Expression in Breast Cancer

Healthcare providers, psychologists and sociologists are focusing their research and services on cancer, one of the leading causes of death worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there were approximately 14 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer-related deaths in 2012. The number of new cases is expected to rise by about 70% over …


Medicine of Prophet: Every Illness Has Cure

I once asked an Austrian friend of mine who had just qualified as a doctor where he went when he was sick. The surprising answer was that he and most of his colleagues went to a homeopath. He reminded me of our family G. P. who didn’t believe in medicines. I was told ‘just take …

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