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Prophet Ibrahim - Critical Thinker - About Islam

Prophet Ibrahim - Critical Thinker

If you believe we should just blindly follow, this is wrong. An example is Prophet Ibrahim, he was a critical thinker. He questioned society, he never took things at face value and he never did something because his parents did it. Blind Faith? Are Muslims Permitted To Use Critical Thinking?

Muhammad ’Abdu: Father of Islamic Feminism and Critical Thought

Muhammad ’Abdu: Father of Islamic Feminism and Critical Thought

Muhammad ’Abdu was an Egyptian Islamic jurist, journalist, religious scholar and liberal reformer. He was regarded as one of the key founding figures of Islamic Modernism. ‘Abdu was born in 1849 to a Turkish father and an Arab mother in Egypt (Nile Delta) and grew up during the government of Muhammad ’Ali. At the age …

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Blind Faith? Are Muslims Permitted To Use Critical Thinking?

Short Answer: Islam never said that people should stop asking questions or avoid research. It always says that people should use their minds to realize the existence of God. Islam was always for knowledge, reflection and asking more questions so long as these whys are for the purpose of gaining knowledge, getting closer to the …


Does Islam Have Room for Moral & Theological Pluralism?

Short Answer:Of course.It’s a myth that Islam is against pluralism. From day one,Islam has always been confident enough to say, “We believe you are wrong, but that does not translate into a policy to deny you the way that you choose to live.”A famous Muslim jurist, for example, argued that when it comes to handling …

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Does Islam Allow Discourse and Critical Thinking?

I would like to begin by stating that my sentiments in the following anecdote are my own, personal opinion. I tell it as an attempt to reveal the beauty of discourse. I walked by the “Dawah Day” booth of the Muslim student group at my university and read something that I found interesting. Representing the …

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Why Did Islamic Civilization Decline?

Short Answer: Primarily because Muslims stopped learning and improving themselves. People became afraid to think, worried thinking for themselves may lead them to arrive at a conclusion which might be deemed to be unorthodox. Muslims assumed all the thinking had been done for them, and all we need to do is follow what the previous …

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