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10 Mental Habits for Success

10 Mental Habits For Success

A man realized after a very long time that there are many routes he can take to reach his destination. Some routes were quicker, others more scenic, and others were safer. Even then, it did not occur to him that there were even more routes that he was still ignorant of.

Muslim Creativity Showcased at Annual UK Festival

The final weekend of July sees 45 acres of Oxfordshire woodland and fields adapted to showcase the diversity and creativity of the Muslim community. Willowbrook Farm is found, off a quiet country lane, amidst fields, unusually yellowed by this summer’s intense heat. Last weekend one of the fields was bordered by tents, as the public …

Can Creativity Exist with Mental Disorders?

Can Creativity Exist with Mental Disorders?

With every hour passing, medicine and human sciences make fascinating steps that build up to extend the bridge between us and the secrets of the absolute wonder created by God which is our human brain.

Gifts and Talents Are Treasures

Gifts and Talents Are Treasures

Gifts are like treasures in many ways. They are rare. Gifted people, according to certain specific criteria, constitute somewhere between two and five percent of the total population. In truth, all people are gifted in one way or another, but this is only realized if their gifts are discovered and encouraged…

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