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What Would Jesus Do? (Part 1)

Jesus (peace be upon him) would show the politicians of today that he has no gun hidden within his robes and that he has no hidden agenda to be superior to others or to force people to do anything against their will.

The Screenshot Syndrome!

Purification of the heart and attaining precious jewels like taqwa require discipline and training. These are not matters we simply read about or acquire suddenly.

5 Ways for New Muslims to Find Inner Peace

To Muslims, peace is something that is achieved by reconciling our human needs with the world around us while under the shade of Islam. It can be a very fine juggling act for new reverts, who are just gaining a foothold with their new religion.

Attitude Towards Life is Like the Bridezilla

Life, like weddings, is just a short experience that you must go through to get to the real thing. Life, like weddings, is a test or testimony of your soul where you agree to do what you are supposed to do or refuse to do what you are supposed to do.

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